This first post is a pretty personal one. I wasn’t going to start posting on here yet but I felt like I should write down my thoughts so I remember to never stop visiting this happy place.

Concerts. I’ve been going to shows for so many years now and there’s something magical about them. Especially when you’ve been listening to a band for ages. But even when you go to a show where you don’t know anyone or any of the bands – you may randomly discover awesome music and make new friends.

Most of the music I listen to is heavy – hardcore, metalcore, punk. And there’s something really special about the live shows in those genres. The message that the bands have is often incredibly powerful, the lyrics and vocals are charged with so much emotion. Screaming them back into the singer’s face feels liberating. There’s nothing like being at an Architects show and hearing hundreds of people shout “You had it all, you fucking pigs!” at the end of These Colours Don’t Run or watching everyone do the three claps in Enter Shikari’s Sorry You’re Not A Winner. It creates a sense of belonging, a sense of community and it feels overwhelmingly good. It doesn’t have to be heavy music though. It can be anything. No matter what genre, more often than not I’ve found myself dancing to the music and singing along to the lyrics with a massive smile on my face. The most recent example being the Jeremy Loops show in Salzburg. That was such a glorious evening.

Concerts let me escape from adulting for a little while. The worries about the past and the future don’t exist, I’m just there, right in that very moment. I’ve also met so many of my friends at gigs and festivals all over Europe. Having a similar taste in music definitely is a great common ground.